All white people are racist. The Covid lockdown has forced us into a veritable jail. All pigeons should be culled and taxidermied as trophies.

Got your attention? Great. Job done. No need for further comment. All you need to know is that I hate everything and everyone and the world is going to collapse shortly due to climate change, so good riddance.

But here, precisely, is the problem with opinion articles. Rustle up a poor argument and wrap it in emotive language and poof, Bob’s your uncle. …

La France est le pays avec les plus consommateurs de cannabis en Europe, et 44% de jeunes ont déjà goûté la drogue avant le terminale au lycée. Mais, quelles seraient les bonnes raisons pour légaliser le cannabis ?

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Le cannabis est une drogue très controversée. Pour certains, le cannabis n’est rien de plus que de boire l’alcool. Pour des autres, le cannabis est très dangereux et doit rester illégale. En anglais, on dit que le marijuana est une “gateway drug” — c’est a dire que fumer le cannabis est une porte d’entrée aux autres drogues, c’est la drogue d’escalade. Donc…

Much attention has been paid to grade inflation resulting from school assessed grades for this year’s GCSE and A-level pupils. But just as worthy of concern is grade deflation from teachers who simply don’t like a student.

How might favouritism negatively impact student grades? | Image courtesy of

In pre-pandemic days, teachers who opted to mark official exam papers could not examine those of students who attended the school at which they taught. And rightly so. Exam boards wanted to minimise any bias in the marking process — that is, avoid anything that might influence an examiner away from the marking criteria. Student names still appeared on the exam paper, which…

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Il y a quelques raisons pour lesquelles les gens sont poussés a devenir cannibales. Il y a peut-être les raisons psychiatrique, la cause de la famine, ou, les tactiques de guerres. Mais, pourtant, ça ne fait pas si longtemps que les gens ont commencé a manger de la viande humaine.

A notre epoque, c’est à dire les dernières décennies, il y avait des famines a cause de la deuxième guerre mondiale en Russie et une autre famine en Ukraine en 1933. De 1940 jusqu’a 1941, l’hiver était très froid, et manger de la viande humaine était considéré comme un crime…

“Flowers & Plants in the Workplace” by Flower Factor is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

The death of George Floyd in June 2020 led to waves of anti-racism protests across the world. For some months, companies, universities, and institutions the world over were pledging to tackle racial discrimination within their organizations and help to alleviate some of the disadvantages experienced by black communities.

But what exactly does racial discrimination look like? And how do we go about trying to make ourselves and the organizations we work for more inclusive? …

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It has taken Piers Morgan’s flagrant denial that Meghan Markle suffered suicidal thoughts to finally depose him from his throne at Good Morning Britain, not his outright dismissal that racism exists and needs to be addressed in Britain.

Piers Morgan has resigned from his post as host of Good Morning Britain following clashes with his co-hosts and ITV producers regarding the interview between Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and Oprah Winfrey that aired in the UK on Monday night. For those of you unfamiliar with the affair, Piers Morgan outright denied that Markle suffered a mental health crisis during her time…

For many of us, the turmoil we are experiencing has less to do with Covid-19 than the pressures on our mental health triggered by lockdowns and uncertainty

How has lockdown affected your mental health? | Image courtesy of The Yorkie

It seems we’re living in a nightmare. A pandemic is raging, erasing more lives than many wars combined, global temperatures are rising, we are silently witnessing the extinction of forms of flora and fauna, more children in the UK have been plunged into poverty than in the last 50 years…(there is so much more I could add to this list of reasons to be gloomy, but I risk handing a noose to a nation already on the brink of depression — pun intended). So surreal is the current state of affairs that we’re searching for answers in dystopian novels, which…

Lets remember the principle on which Australia was founded: racism

Australia Day commemorates British settler colonialism of Australia | Image: Getty Images

As 26th January marked the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet of British convicts to Australia, let's remember the principle on which Australia was founded: racism.

Let’s not beat around the bush. To call Australia Day a racist celebration is not an exaggeration, it is a statement of fact.

When British explorer, Captain James Cook, chanced upon the land we now call Australia, he named it “Terra Nullius” — in other words, no man’s land. He looked around at the people who had lived there for 50,000 years and with one sweeping flick of the wrist, nullified their…

What does belonging mean to those exiled from home?

What does belonging mean to those exiled from home? | Image: Betye Saar, Fragments, 1976

“For us at that age, we didn’t comprehend the full situation of leaving the country and moving to somewhere else. To some extent it was an adventure, but it was frightening as well because we had the army guarding all the way to the airport, [and there was] very rough treatment at the airport,” my uncle, Jitesh Sanghvi, explains to me on the phone as I ask him about his experience as a refugee.

In 1972, Ugandan dictator, Idi Amin, announced his policy to expel all “Indians” — as he referred to them — from Uganda within 90 days. Amin…

One of the reasons why women earn on average less than men is a lack of confidence in their abilities: the Confidence Gap.

Since 2018, the Office of National Statistics has conducted surveys regarding the gender pay gap in the UK. What has been revealed is that even in industries where women make up the greater workforce, men earn on average more than women. That is not to say that women earn less for the same work — technically that would be illegal — but that women are lacking in positions of leadership, or do not apply for higher paying roles.

Several suggestions have been made as to why this might be the case. Vicky Pryce, the author of “Why Women Need Quotas”…

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