This story is set in Australia and was written as a Christmas fairy tale for a friend who enjoys sewing.

In the tiny town of Adelaide, far, far, away from civilisation, there lived two young children who went by the names of Eliza and Henry.

Eliza and Henry were very…

How many other women fall into the trap of serving a man’s female fantasy, only to be cast aside once she owns who she is?

My last relationship ended. Not because I had decided it, but because he ended things.

I wasn’t the person he thought I was, apparently. He wanted the ‘fun me’ back, the me who made stupid mugs of his face, who baked him cake on his birthday, who listened to his…

My boyfriend broke up with me and I hadn’t seen it coming. I’d spent a month dealing with crippling anxiety knowing deep down that he would, but I hadn’t actually believed it would happen.

I feel winded. Like I was battling one wave, entirely unprepared for another which dunked me…

Neha Doshi

English teacher. PhD candidate in Race, Podcasting and Social Media. Irritating know-it-all.

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